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Indian captives in Iraq Worker

Indian captives in Iraq WorkerIndian captives in Iraq: Worker’s brother refutes TV report BABOWAL (Punjab): Indian worker Harjeet Masih's brother has refuted a TV channel's report that quoted him telling two Bangladeshi nationals that ISIS had executed 39 Indians, who worked for a Turkish construction company in Iraq, in its captivity. "When my brother spoke to me after he escaped on June 15, he told me terrorists had sprayed bullets and wounded his knee, but he never said that they had killed his fellow workers," Robin Masih told TOI on Friday. He said Harjeet told him the abducted Indians were bundled into a truck and taken to some unknown destination. "This means he never saw them being killed. Had there been such a horrific happening, he would have definitely told me. I spoke to him 15 days ago." Robin said Harjeet is now in Erbil in Iraq's Kurdistan region.

The families of the abducted Indians have not given up hope. "This is an old story. Hassan, one of the Bangladeshi nationals, told me the same story a couple of months ago. I spoke to him three times, but his account varied every time,'' said Gurpinder Kaur, whose brother Manjinder Singh is in captivity in Iraq.

"I would rather believe what the government says.'' Another worker Harsimranjit Singh's mother Harbhajan Kaur said she does not trust media reports. "Nothing has been reported from Mosul where they are kept. It is third party information. I will trust what the government says.

" Seema, the wife of Sonu who worked as a cook in Mosul, said the government should keep them informed. "How long would we live with this uncertainty?

'' She said if something untoward had happened, why would the government hide truth from them. "I am sure my husband is safe. " External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj told the Parliament the government was continuing its efforts to find the captives after six sources, including the Red Crescent, independently told it they were alive. "We do not have direct contact with them, but we have contacts with sources in the country," she said.

"They are telling us the Indians are safe and have not been killed. "